Tiffany's Success Story
Tiffany's Success Story
Tiffany's Success Story
Prego Baby
Date of Birth:
6 lbs 6 ounces

The Story
I was due with my first child on August 26th 2004. Five years later, I remember it like it was yesterday. It was Friday August 20th 2004 (six days before my due date) late afternoon/early evening and a group of my friends were heading to skip's for some pizza. I decided to join them and my husband along with a few others suggested that I try the "prego" pizza. Not in a rush to have my daughter...I thought, oh all right I'll try it. I can list on one hand, oh ok..one hand plus one finger things that I don't like. Onion's, Garlic, Bell Pepper's, Ground Beef, Salami and you guessed it Linguisa! Now you can imagine my thoughts and feelings going into just ordering this pizza..let alone eatting it =( with the help of my cheer squad outside I was able to choke down one and a half piece's. In my cheer squad (group of my friends) there was an ER doctor. She poked and pushed a bit only to tell me that she didn't feel nor did I look like I was due anytime soon. Soon meaning..2-5 days. So, home I went. Just as I thought the prego pizza was over...the saga continued. It kept revisiting me again and again..oh joy. All of a sudden I'm not feeling well, so I lay down in bed. An hour and a half later I get up to use the restroom and BAM my water broke! And so the story goes..I went into the hospital at 1:15 am on Saturday August 21st and delivered my beautiful baby girl Payton at 1:52 that afternoon =)
Skipolinis Pizza

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