Tamara's Success Story
Tamara's Success Story
Prego Baby
Kofoworola Naima Sabella Afolabi
Date of Birth:
8 lbs 8 ounces

The Story
My mom had been telling me about this prego pizza as soon as I was past due. She lives in Lincoln and had heard about this in the Sacramento area. Then I asked my best friend, who was also going to act as doula at my birth, if she had heard of it, and much to my surprise, she said she ate it in Walnut Creek and had her little girl within 24 hours. My brother, Jordan, had been hanging out with me the entire week while I was in early slow-going labor. Ironically, when I went on the Skipolini's website, the most recent story was written by another Tamara, and her baby's name was Jordan. Another connection was that she was from Clayton and I used to live in that small town. I told my brother that was a sign and we should go. By Day 8 of being overdue, we went for it. We drove to Walnut Creek from Oakland and had a great lunch with lots of laughs (and bets hehe). About 7 hours later, my water broke, and about 12 hours after eating that pizza, my little girl joined us! Jordan, my mom, and my best friend were all there to meet her and talk about how crazy it was that I was just out eating pizza a few hours earlier. Needless to say it was worth the parking ticket we got! ;)
Skipolinis Pizza

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