Meighan's Success Story
Prego Baby
Karter MacArthur Bell
Date of Birth:
5 lbs 5 ounces

The Story
I brought my daughter Meighan Owens into Skipolinis in Walnut Creek on Sunday March 24th. We sat down and was greeted by the nicest waiter. We told him that we came all the way from San Mateo because my daughter heard the legend of the Prego Pizza. Even though my daughter’s delivery due date was March 31st because of other circumstances she was tried and ready. The waiter gave us some of the history and then went away with a huge smile. We only ordered a personal size just for her and a different pesto personal pizza for myself, but my daughter said the Prego pizza was so delicious she insisted that I had to have one bite. It was very good that I wish I had ordered one for myself, so we decided to order a medium to go for her and her fiancé to have for dinner later. That evening my daughter had another slice and went to bed. At 4am in the morning she came to my room complaining about hard contractions. The rest is history my beautiful grandson Karter MacArthur Bell was on the way!!!! I am also thoroughly convinced in the legend of the PREGO PIZZA!!!!
Skipolinis Pizza

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