Leah's Success Story
Prego Baby
Date of Birth:
6 lbs 6 ounces

The Story
After a pregnancy of chasing after two toddlers (yes, 3 kids 3 and under!!), I WAS DONE. The Prego pizza had come highly recommended by a friend, but I am ever the skeptic and had unsuccessfully tried many things to induce my previous labors. However, one typical end of pregnancy sleepless night, I found myself drooling over all the success stories on this website, so I made a plan and that weekend found myself drooling over a Prego pizza as it was presented to me. I had read of people having the Prego pizza Fed-Exed and since I lived ten minutes away, and needed a good date night anyway, here I was. Besides, it seemed like it would be dishonoring to the woman who had it Fed-Exed if I didn’t at least give it a shot since I lived a measly ten minutes away. My husband had requested that the baby wait to make his arrival until he finished a certain something at work. Then we could begin the usual fun of trying to naturally induce labor...spicy foods, exercise, etc. (if you are reading this, you probably know them all!). So with the work project complete, we set off on a long walk before going to dinner. Before leaving the kids with grandma, I actually played a trick on her and told her to bring her PJs when she came, because I was going into labor. Just kidding, mom! At dinner, the server was very excited for us and confident in the power of the pizza. Side note: this pizza was SO good, pregnant or not. After dinner we hit the movies, and then the hay. I woke up in the middle of the night to my water breaking (the first time that happened out of three pregnancies!). Turns out the joke on grandma became a reality and baby Noah was born at ten that morning, 12 DAYS EARLY! Now it is five months later and I am thinking about this story because I just invited my very pregnant, very good friend Sarah over tomorrow night to have some Prego pizza. We’ll see if her success story is up here next!
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