Jenae's Success Story
Prego Baby
Date of Birth:
8 lbs 8 ounces

The Story
My sister & i were in the Concord area , taking the kids to sky high. When i was just sitting NOT being able to enjoy all the tampolines , i was in the process of researching foods to eat to start labor. My sister had told me about the Prego pizza and start telling my stories about women have had their babies after eating this pizza. I wanted to try since my due date was the following day. Before we even left sky high i ordered my small prego pizza . So we made our way to skipolini's and i walked & asked the manager who was mingling with guests , "how sure are you that this pizza is going to send me into labor ?" He said "i'm so sure your baby is going to come , i have something for you" he walked away and came back with the cuetest little baby onesis in his hand! I left feeling so good . I ate that whole pizza in the car . I didnt share not 1 slice (selfish i know) that pizza was so delicious. Omg everything was fresh i couldnt stop eating lol. So by time i got home, with labor nowhere in sight. I went to bed at 1100pm , heartbroken and still pregnant. Then at 3:45 am i was woken up with the worst pain , at 1st i thought the baby was in a strange position putting weight down in my bottom after going back and forth to the bathroom with the same pain, i realized i was in labor! I made my way to the hospital & give birth to my son at 6:47am! Thank you skipolini's for helping end 40 weeks of pregnancy with a bang !
Skipolinis Pizza

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