Jamila's Success Story
Prego Baby
Jaquez Keiko Thomas
Date of Birth:
7 lbs 7 ounces

The Story
I can remember being over due and I was just so ready to have my baby. I did everything that I could think of. I got up early in the morning and walked and nothing happened. My mother suggested that we try this "Prego Pizza" that she kept hearing everyone talk about. I said "ok let's give it a try" we arrived at Skipolini's around 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon, took the pizza home and ate it. Around 7:00 p.m. that night I started contracting, I went to the hospital and the doctor's told me that I was in labor. Wow how exciting I thought to myself, but (there's always a but) the nurse told me that I was a little backed up and wanted to know what did I eat before going into labor. I told her that I ate a skipolini's prego pizza, she laughed and said well that pizza just caused you to go into labor and have an enema injected in you. I ended up having my son two days later because I was unable to dilate. Anyone who is willing to try this pizza needs to because it really works.
Skipolinis Pizza

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