Jackie's Success Story
Prego Baby
Date of Birth:
6 lbs 6 ounces

The Story
Miss Kennedy Brynn’s due date was 9/10/11. Both my husband and I thoughts this date was nothing short of incredible! Being that this was our second child, and our first child came 2 weeks early, we thought the best we could do was simply tell Kennedy about her “fun” due date, but there was no way she would actually be born on her due date…right? Well, Kennedy proved us wrong and was born on 9/10/11! As we approach her 1st birthday, it seems appropriate to reflect on the days and events leading up to her birth. In doing so, I cannot help but think about how I first learned about the “Prego Pizza” and then ate one! “Contractions” (or maybe I thought were contractions) with Kennedy began Tuesday, September 6…at that time we informed our families to be ready and on-call as this baby was on her way! On Wednesday, September 7, my mom came up to visit and prepare the home for baby Kennedy. In preparation, we of course went shopping and got our nails done! While at the nail salon, there were several other pregnant women with the same agenda…look good labor and delivery! Coincidently, a waitress from Skipolini’s Pizza in Rocklin was there at the exact same time; in recognizing all the “pregos,” we started chatting and she asked when my due date was…I told her “this Saturday.” She then shared the legend of the “Prego Pizza!” Immediately I was intrigued (yet still had my suspicions). I told my mom that if Miss Kennedy was not here by Friday, we would go get the “Prego Pizza” for lunch that day for fun and because if the pizza actually worked we would have our baby over the weekend and potentially (“fingers-crossed”), she would be born on her due date. Sure enough on Friday, September 9, 2011, my mom and I had lunch at Skipolini Pizza and I ordered the infamous “Prego Pizza!” By 3:38pm on 9/10/11 (the very next day) I had my beautiful baby girl!
Skipolinis Pizza

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