Erika's Success Story
Erika's Success Story
Prego Baby
Date of Birth:
6 lbs 6 ounces

The Story
Give me some more Preggo Pizza!! It was my first pregnancy. And I couldn't wait to meet my baby boy. But, maybe baby boy wasn't as ready?? I started laboring on a Tuesday night. My contractions were really far apart and weren't horrendous at that point, but still kept me from sleeping that night. The next day, Wednesday, I had contractions ALL day long. They were way more intense, but still, not close enough to get me the golden ticket into that hospital. Thursday came around and at this point they were horrendous!! And I am thinking that this baby is never coming out. The contractions were still not close enough. The pain. Oh the pain! I went on a walk. I did my stretching. I was doing the breathing. I was talking to my boy and asking him to hurry up and come out. And nothing. That's when my friend told me about Skipolini's Preggo Pizza. She found it online after frantically searching for any cure all for me. I told my husband about it and he and my father rushed down there to pick up a Preggo Pizza. Now, normally I would never eat a pizza with all those toppings and all that meat, but I was desperate!! And when you put a hot pizza in front of a hungry laboring pregnant woman, there is no way she's saying no. In between contractions I hate that pizza. And literally within the hour my contractions intensified and sped up. We were in shock at that point. Had the pizza really done this?? We didn't wait around to find out. We were off to the hospital and this time we had the golden ticket!! I was checked in and had my baby boy within a few hours of getting there. It was amazing!! It was unbelievable! And the pizza sure was delicious! Thank you Skipolini's for helping us meet our baby boy that much sooner!
Skipolinis Pizza

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