Ellise's Success Story
Prego Baby
Jalise Noel Robinson
Date of Birth:
6 lbs 6 ounces

The Story
I was talking to a friend of mine on Wednesday (10.28.09), about how I was ready to give birth and she suggested I go and get a prego pizza. Being curious I did a little research and discovered that there was a pizza parlor near by that made it. I called my mother (who had heard of the pizza) and asked her to take me to Skipolini's in Walnut Creek. On a empty stomach, and full of anticipation we made our way. We went in and was served by a extremely sweet, and excited waitress, who immediately started working on the pizza. I took pictures of her making the pizza and a picture of myself with the pizza (just in case) and I ate piece by delicious piece. throughly stuffed I took the rest home, promised I'd post my story and send a picture of my baby (if she came) and hugged the waitress on the way out the door. About 11pm I ate the remaining 2 slices of pizza, a little bit of ice cream, and fell asleep. About 2am I woke up in pain, and could quite figure out what was going on, by 3 am I was having contractions 5 minutes apart, 4 am I was in triage for labor and delivery and 4 cm dilated, 6am I was 8cm dilated, and Baby J arrived at 8:30am on the dot. Thanks for the Prego Pizza. Delicious, and well worth it.
Skipolinis Pizza

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