Diana's Success Story
Prego Baby
Byron Duane Jenkins
Date of Birth:
7 lbs 7 ounces

The Story
I found out about Skipolinis from a girlfriend of mine. My due date was July 12th and I was 10 days too many past due. I was uncomfortable, irritable and wanted him out. I was up every 2 hours anyways so what's the difference if he's in or out. So, I was scheduled for an induction on July 23rd ( 1 day away ). I heard nightmares about the induction drug Pitocin so I was desperate to try anything to have him come naturally. By, the way I tried everything to have him come out early, walking, heavy exercising-nothing worked. We live in Half Moon Bay and my mother in law and I decided to give it a shot and drove out to Walnut Creek. We called in the pizza picked it up and ran in and grabbed it and turned around to finish our drive back home to the coast. My husband thought I was nuts, but didn't care. I was determined to try it. I finally got back home at the pizza at about 1:45p and by 7:15p my water broke. Holy SH**!!! Are you kidding me? So off to the hospital we went. I had Byron at 9:37am the next day July 23rd. So yes! This pizza worked for me
Skipolinis Pizza

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