Corissa's Success Story
Prego Baby
Date of Birth:
8 lbs 8 ounces

The Story
I had always thought I wouldnt be on of those ladies who just wanted to get the baby out. I was big and heavy and severely uncomfortable and couldnt sleep. I had heard of this pizza before and was happy to learn it was located nearby. I had turned down having membranes stripped, but I was deep down hoping the baby would be born two days before my EDD. So three days before the EDD...we met up with some friends ...I figured What could it hurt to try, right? I love pizza so it wasnt anything wacky, yucky or could be painful. So if it didnt do anything for me I would of just had a nice meal with good friends. The night was awesome. I had 2 slices there and took a third home with me that night, which I ate cold in the middle of the night with extra oregano put on it. Since it was discussed that night that Oregano was a key ingredient to this all working. the next day..they day I wanted to have my baby...I took at nap I woke from my nap at 5:45 to my water breaking... it was 22 hours after I first ate the pizza. It worked! too bad my baby was stubborn and he was born the following day... But that aside I went into labor 24hrs after eating the preggo pizza!! My opinion, if you kinda want or really want your lil one out..doesnt hurt to try something tasty to get the job done.
Skipolinis Pizza

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