Cindy's Success Story
Prego Baby
Gianna DePetro
Date of Birth:
7 lbs 7 ounces

The Story
My daughter Chelsea was due on 4/19 but at her last Dr appt on 4/18 wasn't looking like an on time delivery. In fact an appt for the following Wed 4/27 was made to induce labor if she had not delivered naturally before that. Not too much progress in the way of dialation, contractions, etc. She was so very ready to have this baby and so very tired of being uncomfortably pregnant. A friend of mine from work had mentioned the story of the Prego Pizza to me but I live in Fremont and was leaving for Arnold where my daughter lives the very next morning. This friend of mine lives in Walnut Creek and graciously offered to pick the pizza up for me and bring it into work where I picked it up and took it with me to Arnold. It was kind of a pizza relay all in an effort to get my daughter to go into labor. So here is the time table. 4/21 approx. 3:00 pm Pizza delivered to Chelsea for consumption 4/22 shortly after midnight Chelsea having first REAL contractions 4/22 approx 4:30 contractions close enough to head to the hospital. 4/23 at 12:47 Beautiful baby Gianna is born. Coincidence??? I think not. Thank you Skipolini's!!
Skipolinis Pizza

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