Christy's Success Story
Prego Baby
Connor James Foundation
Date of Birth:
7 lbs 7 ounces

The Story
I heard about the pizza at work on Thursday (12/9). I don't ever believe this stuff, but the Clayton store was on my way home, and worse case scenario I got good pizza right...So I stopped in Clayton not telling ANYONE what I was bringing home. The gentleman behind the counter was so nice and told me to keep them posted and be ready for the baby, I wouldn’t have to got to work the next day. I had told him I was 39 weeks! I laughed my way to the car. Certain my husband would laugh at me, I called my best friend to tell her what I had done, telling her I had to tell someone. My husband didn’t laugh but instead encouraged me to eat until I couldn’t eat any more. Well....Friday I got up disappointed my water had not broke and I headed to work, though wondering if it would be weird to ever order the pizza again because it was REALLY GOOD! I went to work and an hour later my contractions started...AGAIN. We went to the hospital laughing the whole way about the pizza actually working. We were turned away and told to stay home until my water broke. Again…thinking well at least the pizza was good. What the hospital failed to notice was that I was actually in labor, the baby was just breach! I should have never been sent home and should have had the baby that day..12/10. Instead, I laid in bed in pain for four days, went to my scheduled doctors apt on 12/14 and was sent upstairs immediately for a C-Section. Connor James Foundation was born 12/14 by c-section in Walnut Creek. He was 7lbs 9oz. and 21.25”. He wasn’t always a breach baby. Maybe the pizza got him flipping around in there! Ha ha Sounds crazy I know...but I'm a believer now too. And yes...I saved the pizza box lid for the baby book!
Skipolinis Pizza

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