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Skipolini's Launches New Website
After five months in development Skipolini's Pizza has gone live with their new website. Whereas so many websites are merely internet brochures, this site is interactive and extremely functional. Floor84 Studio out of North Hollywood constructed the site for the restaurant. CEO and President of Floor84, Jeff Hardy said, "I really enjoyed working with the team at Skipolini's. They put the site first and gave me the creative freedom to develop something really special".

The site incorporates amazing photography from Carol Acord-Wilcock, www.carolacord.com. "Carol did an incredible job on the site; she really captured the essence of the food and feel of every restaurant" said Skipolini's CEO Kent Ipsen. As you surf through the very robust site you will find yourself spending a lot more time on particular pages than you had originally intended. The history page contains a real time counter that illustrates how long Skipolini's has been in business. There is a creative stork and baby button that immediately links the reader to their famous Prego Pizza page. The site includes printable menus, driving directions to all locations, and a community calendar.

Ipsen said, "The only way to truly appreciate the many different layers of the site is to visit www.skipolinispizza.com and play with it. As a part of their eco-friendly campaign Skipolini's will be eliminating all of their direct mail paper coupons and replace them with e-coupons that will come out in their monthly newsletter. Clayton Perry, GM of the Clayton and Antioch Locations, said, "The website will allow for individuals to input their email addresses and receive coupons electronically. Many of our patrons reside in areas outside the reach of our direct mail campaigns. It would not be cost effective to advertise so far from a particular location, but this allows the customer the same benefit as some of our closer neighbors." The newsletter will not only speak to upcoming restaurant functions, but it will also cross promote with the cities to direct traffic to their community events.

Floor84 Studio, info@floor84studio.com, has created a platform that will grow along with Skipolini's Pizza for many years to come. I strongly urge you to visit the new site.

Skipolinis Pizza

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