Our History
On May 3rd 1974 my mother and father (Bev and Skip Ipsen) opened Skipolini's Pizza in Clayton California. The first restaurant was once a residence that was later occupied by the Clayton post office and a craft store. My mother and father founded the restaurant on a very simple credo; Provide high quality food in a unique, family friendly environment, at affordable prices. The success of the restaurant over the past three decades has been largely attributed to our steadfast commitment to this business philosophy. As the son of a restaurateur, my second home was in the restaurant.

I began working in the restaurant at the mature age of nine and continued my work through high school. After graduating from college I married my high school sweetheart and introduced her poor sweet soul to the restaurant business. My wife (Yvette) and I opened a Skipolini's Pizza in Antioch, California with the blessing of my parents. Shortly thereafter, my mother and father wished to retire, and the original Skipolini's went up for sale. In 1994, Yvette and I purchased the Clayton restaurant. Our Walnut Creek and Concord locations were opened in 1999 and 2007 respectively.

Over the years the restaurants have continued to cater to the needs of the families that patronize them. Most locations boast a play structure and an assortment of toys for our younger patrons. In this environment, parents get the opportunity to enjoy one another and discuss the day's events while the children are hard at play.

All of the restaurants have inside and outside dining which provides for a unique family atmosphere. Though we have always been known for our friendly service and award winning food, our greatest claim to fame has been our "Prego Pizza", the pizza that induces labor in expecting mothers.

I feel very fortunate to love what I do for a living. My wife has said that our children will never become restaurateurs but that topic is still up for discussion. I look forward to seeing you the next time you visit one of our restaurants.

Skipolinis Pizza

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